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I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the Federal University of Ceara, in Brazil. I usually teach Data Visualization course for undergraduate and graduate students and a Numerical Methods course for undergraduates students only.

My research interests include data visualization and data science.

I’ve got a PhD in Computing at the University of Utah in 2010. Previously I’ve got a B.S and an M.S degree in Computer Science from the Federal University of Ceara in Brazil.

I was one of the main developers of VisTrails and crowdLabs.

I have also worked at the Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute at the University of Utah with Professors Cláudio Silva and Juliana Freire (both now working at NYU-Poly) and at Los Alamos National Lab. I am also a former fulbrighter.

Office address: Dr. Emanuele Santos
Universidade Federal do Ceará - Centro de Ciências - Departamento de Computação
Av. Humberto Monte, s/n
Bloco 952, Campus do Pici - Pici
CEP: 60440-593
Fortaleza - CE - Brasil

Phone: +55-85-33669233 Ext. 210
Fax: +55-85-33669837

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